The Quiet Traveller: Introduction

I’ve recently been attempting to write a book about my travels around the world. But it turns out writing a book is hard. It’s hard to grasp the sheer size and scale of it. And it’s hard to write regularly on it when the goal seems so far away. It’s a literary mountain at my gates.

So I’m faced with two choices. I either give up completely, or find another way to get 68 days of travel notes into a more readable format. Therefore, I’ve decided to make what I’ve got so far and future writing into a series of blog posts. Kinda like Netflix for words. With each season in a different location. Each episode a different day.

There’s a number of benefits to this – firstly, I think it’s important to get the adventure written down sooner rather than later. I won’t rush my writing, but at the same time, the longer I leave it, the more the experiences will fade in my memory. I’ve got extensive notes, but it’s best to strike whilst the iron is hot.

Secondly, it won’t feel as daunting a task. If all goes to plan, maybe I’ll end up with enough content for a book. And then I can just put the words together and hey – I’ve got a book.

And finally, other people reading the content will keep me motivated. I’m no Shakespeare, but if a few people enjoy reading the order in which this particular monkey hits the keyboard, then it does inspire me to keep going.

That’s the game plan for now. But why is the series called ‘The Quiet Traveller’? Well I wanted to combine my experiences with the subject of introversion. It’s pretty obvious I’m an introvert if you know me; too much talking and people and I get worn out and need a recharge. Alongside the details of the adventure, I’m going to talk about how I tackled solo travel as an introvert, because funnily enough, if you travel alone, you’ve got to do all the talking. You see the problem.

However, there will also be plenty of tales about conspiracy theorists, junkies, Americans being Americans, ¬†Germans being unlike Germans, dogs wearing denim, soul destroying jetlag, the boss of an Icelandic shipping company, bungy jumping, ‘losing’ passports, sea lions, cat cafes, Kim Jong-Un’s birthday, a Mancunian, a serious lack of kettles, penis piercings, Alcatraz cell 14, and also eight finger KitKats.

So if that sounds good, do tune in at some point. I might post a few pictures as well.




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